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Sunday, December 27, 2009


Sunglasses, blazers, ponytails etc… have all served as style statements and props for our stars and we have immensely enjoyed the use of such style enhancements. Recently, there has been an obsession of sorts with expensive bikes and cars. But, above all of them, the helicopter seems to be in demand. Almost every big star of our times has tried using the chopper for style or action or just to give that rich feel to a scene. Let’s take a look at the helicopter mania in Tamil cinema.He is Kollywood’s most stylish man, and young actors who made their screen debut after him are following the Superstar mannerisms. The Superstar kind of started off the helicopter mania via ‘Sivaji’ in Kollywood. From then on, the chopper craze has caught on and there have been many instances when they have been used, for style, for action or just to add an element of style and sophistication.


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