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Monday, December 28, 2009

Shobha Warrier in Chennai

In Tamil films, where heroes are either super humans or superstars, there is no place for talented actresses. Heroines are just used to add glamour to the film.

Last year, the woman-centric film Poo gave Parvathy ample opportunity to showcase her talent. But this year, we only have Ananda Thandavam, where the heroine is the mainstay of the film.

Here are the actresses who have really impressed us this year.


Films: Ayan, Kanden Kathalai, Ananda Thandavam

Undoubtedly, 2009 belonged to Tamannah. From the way filmmakers are lining up behind her, she will be the most sought after actress in 2010 as well.

The top slot, which was vacant when Asin shifted to Bollywood and Nayantara to Telugu cinema, has now been taken over by Tamannah. With Ayan -- the biggest hit of 2009 -- Tamannah has truly arrived.

The superhit was followed by the Tamil remake of Jab We Met, Kanden Kathalai. Tamannah made the character her own, and no one compared her to Jab We Met heroine Kareena Kapoor.

But she was the most impressive in Ananda Thandavam, the film adaptation of Sujatha's novel Pirivom Sandipom. As Madhumita, Tamannah showed that she could be innocent and cunning at the same time. It was the best performance of the year.


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