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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

‘Vettaikkaran’ sells well in US

‘Vettaikkaran’ released on 18th December all over the world is enjoying good reception in all places equally. The film released with a bang worldwide in nearly 500 screens that includes 16 in Chennai city alone. Especially the Vettaikkaran’s reach and response is grand, say the sources.

Vettaikkaran’s greet was so marvellous in New Jersey that Adlabs Big Cinemas added more shows. Industry sources had it that screens in California, Bay Area enjoyed houseful shows. Its looks like the film will be screened during the New Year holiday in Connecticut and Boston due to fans request.

Looks like bad weather played spoil sport on December 19th and 20th and did not allow fans to turn to theaters on those days but, collection resumed later. The collection must further improve as Christmas and New Year holidays are round the corner, plus online booking is going big business, adds the source.


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