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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Vivek is not the only hero

The director of Magane En Marumagane, TP Gajendran said that both Vivek and Mithun are heroes in the film. He revealed that while Vivek plays the son-in-law, Mithun is the son. Gajendran, who was an assistant to noted director Visu, says that Magane En Marumagane is not just a full length comedy flick sans any logic but will suit the tastes of audiences looking for family-oriented subjects.

He added that Visu, his mentor, is known for making films that have attracted the family audience and he also followed the same path to give films like Veedu Manaivi Makkal. With Magane En Marumagane he intends to bring back the golden era of family-oriented subject.


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